Rice and grilled pork chops in Vietnamese style

There are recipes for this dish depending for personal taste but in general, the most indispensable ingredients are fresh pork chops; soy sauce; fish sauce; sugar; minced lemongrass; garlic, oinion, pepper.

In some recipes that I search from the Internet, there are also honey, oyster sauce, sesame oil, coconut water, orange juice or even coke to flavour but I think these main ingredients above are enough for a good grilled pork chops.

One thing to be noticed that people rarely add salt to marinate this dish because it’s believed that salt would help to rough-dry the meat and reduce the flavour.

I served my husband with this dish 3 days running and it didn’t spoil his appetite. I use homemade kimchi in Vietnamese style as a slide dish (an accompaniment to the grilled pork). About Vietnamese kimchi, I will share you in another post.



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