This sweet soup is called “chè trôi nước” in Vietnamese, which is a dessert consisting of balls wrapped by glutious rice flour with the traditional filling made from mung been paste. But yesterday I made the filling with sweet potatos and seeds. The sweet potatos, after being boiled, is ground in a mixer with a little of water, then is cooked with vegetable oil, sugar, flour into a thick (solid) form.This stage is similar with making the filling for mooncake, I suppose.

The balls are servered in a sweet liquid from water, sugar and minced ginger.

The liquid is generally brown by brown sugar to make this dessert seem more appealing.
This dessert is ideal in cold weather because it’s always servered in warm with liquid containing ginger could help your body keep warm inside from the cold outside.

My “chè trôi nước” without sesame seeds topping as it should be
This is a picture of a bowl of “chè trôi nước” which I search from the Internet. Very delicious and appealing, right?
It is also servered with coconut milk
Colourful “chè trôi nước”