As you know, salad is a dish including small pieces of food from vegetables, fruits to eggs, tuna, cheese, nuts. I mean, salad comes in many varieties, there are many ways to combine those ingredients to make your own salad. In my country, salad is usually served as a starter, a perfect combination between fibre from vagetables such as chopped cabbage, banana flowers, lotus root, carrot… and protein from shrimp, pork, beef jerky with sauce or salad dressing are mostly sweet, sour, spicy and salty. These 4 basic flavours are important for a tasty salad dressing. 

My first simple salad when I moved to Sweden. Roman lettuce and onion, tomato and boiled eggs, with dressing consists of lemonade, sugar, oil, pepper and a pinch of salt. I call this “The descendants of the sun” based on the name of a famous Korean drama
It was when I vistited a Vietnamese friend of my husband, she served us a salad with the sauce from orange juice. At that time, I started to know that this was really a wonderful dressing. I couldn’t deny the flavour it offered, lightly sour and a little sweet.
Bell pepper salad. It’s very colourful and appealing, isn’t it? I tried this last week and quite liked it. Canned tuna and chopped lecttuce were added to create the variety of both flavour and colour.

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