Spaghetti with cod fish and teriyaki sauce


– cod fish or any fish you like, I think salmon is better but cod fish isn’t a bad choice

– teriyaky sauce, ginger, bell pepper, onion, tomato sauce or minced tomato, chilli oil (optional)

– spaghetti or pasta

– Cut the fish into bit size pieces, marinate with 2 tbs teriyaky sauce and a pinch of salt. Cover and let it rest in fridge at least 20 mins before cooking.

– Cut the bell pepper and mince onion and ginger.

– Heat the pan, heat onion and ginger with oil over medium heat, about 5 mins. Then add the fish and cook in 10 mins.I also add chilli oil in this stage to flavour.

– Meanwhile, cook the noodles according to package instructions.

– When the fish is done, turn down the heat to low. Add 2 tbs of tomato sauce or chopped tomato, cook in 7 mins. Eventually, add bell pepper, stir cautiously not to crush the fish.

Really tasty

– Taste and adjust seasoning of fish with salt and pepper.

– Serve the fish on a warm bed of noodles with more chopped coriander or small spring onion/ chives.


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