Easy grilled chicken teriyaki recipe

Last week I bought a bottle of teriyaki sauce with sesame oil in it, at that time I had no idea to do with the sauce.Actually, I have read about it before but never tried it. So maybe it’s time to try new ingredient for new dish, I thought.

I made spaghetti with cod fish and teriyaki sauce yesterday. It’s tasty indeed. So today I tried new recipe with this wonderful sauce


– 2 boneless chicken breasts/ thighs. I didn’t buy  ready-made boneless chicken breast/thigh available at super market. Instead of that, I bought a whole chicken then use a sharp knife to remove the bone. The remaining bone and flesh could make a great broth for soup.
– 3tbs teriyaki sauce, 1 tbs minced garlic and 1/2 tbs minced ginger, pepper, salt, 1/2 tbs chilli flakes, 1tbs lime juice

For the side dish, I have:

– sweet potatos, potatos, carrot, bell pepper, onion

– salt, pepper and butter to flavour

– First, I place chicken with teriyaki sauce, garlic, ginger, lime juice and spices in a resealable plastic bag. Then shake to coat. Because the sauce has sesame oil in it so there’s no need to add more oil.

I put the plastic with chicken inside in the fridge and let it rest at least 1 hour. The mixture will permeate through the chicken, make it juicy.

– Boil sweet potatos, potatos and carrot then toss them, onion and bell pepper with salt, pepper and melted butter.

– Preheat the oven for medium heat. I turn 170°C and place the chicken on the grill and the veggies beneath. Grill for 20-25 mins

The water from chicken will come out and blend with the vegetables in the lower tray.
Healthy and tasty. This dish contains both protein and fibre from vegetables. 

5 thoughts on “Easy grilled chicken teriyaki recipe

  1. Mua cái khay nướng với vỉ đc 2 tuần mà chừa mới xài đó, dùng khay cũ ko hà. Hôm qua lục tủ lạnh còn 2 củ khoai nên ta đem chế thử luôn. Còn vịt thì phải đi xa mới mua đc. Ta cũng thèm thịt vịt quá trời


  2. Mấy công thức t thích toàn phải dùng lò nướng, coi bộ lò nướng rất tiện, thay được cả lò vi sóng, đang me me đi mua một cái đây :D. Bên SD có công thức làm thịt quay đơn giản, làm món đó ăn với bánh mì, nước tương, hành lá cho đỡ thèm đồ ăn Việt Nam

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