A light rain in Sunday

Unlike last Sunday when I had a chance to treasure a scarcely beautiful sunny day in autumn, this Sunday begins with a light rain. I heard the sound of rain drops in my sleep and thought “Good bye, autumn!” before deciding to linger a little more on my bed.

Having a bowl of noodle with char siu pork doesn’t make me feel better. Looking out of the window, leaves have been changing their colours from green to yellow, red or dark purple, but mostly yellow. Without the sunlight, everything looks dreary and dismal. I wonder how it would be like in winter. “Don’t worry, there’s still sunlight in winter”, said my husband. He seems to get used to the bitterly cold here since he has lived here more than 3 years.

To counteract this bleakness, I have resolved to actively review some beautiful pictures that I took when I went to city center. I was really impressed by neat, straight row of trees in a park and mostly-yellow leaves on the ground as well. I loved hearing the sound dry, crunchy leaves made when I stepped on them; and the cool sharp breeze on my face, too.


2 thoughts on “A light rain in Sunday

  1. Hej hej! Haven’t seen your posts in a while, hope the break is only temporary 🙂 How is your stay in Sweden turning out? I live in Stockholm btw 🙂


    1. Yes, it’s really been a long long looong time since my last post. Everything’s ok here and I’m a student now, that’s why I haven’t had any activities recently. I’m trying to learn to manage my schedule.
      Btw thank you so much for your concern. Now I’m reading all my posts again. Miss those days!


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